Anirvan Bordoloi, JPMC


Q 1. A bit about yourself.

For me, it was always about exploring new things, working in it, and then finding out if this suits me and whether I want to pursue it or not. I did my research internship in Malaysia in my third year and didn’t find it interesting. Then I gave my NCFM exams, though it was not very prestigious. I got to learn a lot about finance from it.Then I did an intern in IMFR in the credit risk division when I was in the third year to gain industry exposure. In my third year, we didn’t have a lot of finance opportunities apart from JP Morgan and Nomura, etc.. Hence, it was competitive, and students who had given CFA or had any experience in finance gained an edge over others.

Q 2. About your company and your work profile?

I work at JP Morgan as an equity analyst. I cover the Aerospace and defense companies in the US, names a few. What we do as an equity analyst, we research a set of companies from different sectors to publish reports about, do some sectoral analysis, make buy-side recommendations, etc.

Q 3. Your daily life as an analyst?

As an equity researcher, we look at the announcements our target companies have made, any news about the companies, do financial modeling, we find out new things that might affect the valuation of a company. The essential part is analyzing the companies, potential clients, suppliers,company officials, valuing the companies, demand, researching the company, contacting officials to know more about it. Eg. Finding out how a protest in the metal industry would affect.

Q 4. What is the current demand in the finance sector?

Now this is the era of data science and quantitative research where once you develop an algorithm, it can generate insane amounts of money continuously. Companies are valuing it a lot these days. I mean, a lot of fintech startups are mushrooming because there is a lot of opportunities out there, and it is the right time to learn and expand your skill sets to take the chance. So I would recommend aspiring fin enthusiasts to start coding..

— Avichal Agrawal (Co-Founder editor)

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