Fun with Fin!

Here’s a fun crossword to get your finance gears going.

But before that, did you know that Finance is classified into three sectors? They are PUBLIC FINANCE, CORPORATE FINANCE & PERSONAL FINANCE.

Public Finance (noun) : The study of the role of government in the economy. It deals with revenue and expenditure of the public, taxing, spending, budgeting, & self debt issuance policies. It can be subdivided into public expenditure, public revenue, public debt, finance administration, federal finance. Expenses incurred by public authorities are public expenditures, income of government by various sources is public revenue, total amount including liabilities borrowed by government to meet development budget is public debt, raising public revenue and allocating public funds and resources comes under finance management, all items of revenue is and expenditure are divided among the central, state, and local governments is the federal system of finance.

Now for the crossword!



3. When prices of Stocks rise rapidly for a given period of time to hit a maximum and then fall steeply

5. A type of funds that mimics the Market trends

8. A weighed average of top 50 companies after 50 traded in National Stock Exchange

9. A factor used to compare value of two different currencies.

10. A sum of Money paid to the shareholders of the company according to their share


1. A type of Cryptocurrency popularized by memes.

2. A Company that brings together Investments from different peoples and use it to invest in Bonds, Stocks etc

4. Ability of Consumer to buy goods or service with trust to pay it later.

6. Fintech Firms that operate like a bank without any Physical Branchs

7. Money charged by the Platform or Brokers to facilitate buying/selling of Stocks


  1. Shibainucoin
  2. Mutualfunds
  3. Bubble
  4. Credit
  5. Indexfunds
  6. Neobanks
  7. brokerage
  8. Niftyjunior
  9. Exchangerate
  10. Dividend

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